Most of the denture wearer may not be aware that their dentures need attentions. Since the problem has been build up over time, and they simply get use to the bad symptoms.

In average, dentures need to be replaced on every 5 years plus. If you find you had following symptoms:
Ear Aches
Neck Aches
Shoulder Pain
Protruding Lower Jaw.
Angular Cheilitis (sore at the corner of your mouth)
Gum sore
Chewing difficulties

When you have above symptoms, call your dental prosthetist; most of dental prosthetist are provide free consultation.


To ensure a smooth adjustment to your new dentures, try the following helpful hints:

  1. Expectations of your denture: you may feel a little discomfort in the initial adjustment period as your mouth adjusts to your new dentures. This adjustment period will differ according to the patient’s mouth conditions, general state of health, age, sensitivity attitude, and the ability to become accustomed to their new appliance.
  2. Daily care:like your natural teeth, dentures must be cleansed of plague and other food particles. We recommend cleaning us daily with a non-abrasive brush and mild detergent, followed with a rinse. Soaking them in denture solution overnight after this process would maintain the life of us. It is important that you do not sleep with us. You should remove them at the end of each day to give your mouth, supporting muscles and tissues a chance to relax and distress.
  3. Minimal discomfort: Whilst a new denture will try to mimic your natural teeth, it will still cause some areas of discomfort. Patients may find speaking difficult after the denture has been positioned and should practice speaking slowly and quietly with their new dentures fitted. Depending on the patient, they may feel a slight increase in saliva production in the mouth during the initial period. They may also feel soreness in their mouth as it gets used to the newly fitted dentures. However these discomforts should slowly disappear as patients get used to us. If they persist, it is important to see us.
  4. Eating: Patients should eat foods that are easier to chew and bite. It is recommended that patience use both sides of their mouth when eating so that pressure can be distributed evenly. Avoid foods that are too hot, or too hard for your teeth to bite into.
  5. Speaking: you may have difficulty speaking while your tongue, jaw and lips are getting used to your new dentures. Patients should practise speaking slowly and quietly with their new dentures fitted to allow their mouth to adjust.
  6. Cleaning your dentures: It’s highly recommended and expected that all denture wearers clean and wash their teeth and dentures as often as they can. This should be done each night before bed. Bacteria can easily get trapped in the dentures and cause infections and breath odours. Dentures should be bathed and washed in lukewarm or cold water, and soaked in a plastic container overnight.
  7. Oral hygiene: It is important to care for your natural teeth and surrounding gums as this will also ensure that your dentures are also kept as clean as possible. As well as regular visits to their dentist, patients should brush their teeth (as well as their dentures) at least twice a day, and also floss as part of this process.
  8. Adjustment to dentures: If there are any discomforts overtime, patient should consult their dental prosthetist or us so us can be refitted.
  9. Regular consultations: Due to subtle changes in your mouth overtime, a regular consultation to your dental prosthetist should be done as they can ensure that the denture is still suitably fitted for the patient.


新牙托是配合你的口腔而造。 若要有效使用牙托,便要你的合作,請注意下列事項:


請依照牙醫的指示配戴牙托。切勿強行戴上,以免損毀牙托及口腔組織。 睡時切記除出牙托,讓牙肉休息,將清潔後的牙托放入清水中,切勿長期置於空氣或熱水中以免牙托變形。

新牙托一般頗為笨重,除感到限制了舌頭的活動外,口水分泌也會相應增加;習慣後,上述的感覺便會消失。 如牙肉受到牙托過大壓力時,或會引致酸痛。這時,應立刻向我們求助,但緊記在求診前數小時,將牙托戴上。

要吃柔軟和細碎的食物,用兩邊牙齒慢慢咀嚼,以保持牙托的平衡。 避免太熱、有黏性或粗硬的食品。

初戴牙托時,由於舌頭、面額和咀唇的肌肉未能適應;因此某些發音可能不準確,或有牙托鬆脫現像。 需勤加學習控制牙托,發音才得以改善。

進餐後須漱口及清理牙托。 清洗時,可用肥皂、清潔劑或清水,牙膏一般帶有磨沙粒,不適宜用於清潔牙托上。 不可用硬毛刷或有磨損牙托的用品,清潔時應在水面上進行,縱使滑下跌入水中,亦無大礙。如對選擇市面上牙托清潔劑有疑問,應請教我們。


若有不適,切勿自行調較。 如有損壞,不要自行修理或拋棄任何部份。 應立刻向我們求助,以免進一步破壞你的牙托和損害口腔組織。