Frequent Asked Questions:

The most common questions that we met would be:

What sorts of material are used in dentures?
Most dentures are made with acrylic, metal as a denture base, and set up with acrylic or porcelain teeth in specially selected sizes and customized to fit individual’s facial features.

How long it can last?
Most of patients think that dentures can last forever, however dentures do have a limited lifespan. Once teeth are extracted gums continuously change in size and shape. No matter how well a denture is fitted initially these changes often lead to soreness and discomfort overtime. Therefore, a denture should be reviewed regularly for remodeling/ relining or replacement.

How should I care for my denture?
Dentures should be brushed clean and placed in a jar of water when you are not required to wear it. We do not recommend patients to wear their dentures when they sleep unless they have been instructed by a dentist or a doctor.

Should I use metal partial denture or acrylic partial denture?
Both of these two types of dentures have their advantages and disadvantages. The type of dentures suited to your particular requirements can be assessed in a consultation with your dental prosthetist.

How can I clean my denture?
We recommend denture wearers to brush their denture after each meal to remove any food residues along the surface the surrounding areas. A denture solution to prevent the build up of tartar deposits is also recommended. Using a hard bristle brush to clean your denture is not recommended, as it may distort the surface and mould of the denture.

Patients should not use bleach to clean their dentures; it causes discoloring and damages the quality of your denture. If the denture has built up a thick layer of tartar, ask for advice from your dental prosthetist.

How long it takes to make a set of new denture?
This will depend on the patient’s condition and other requirements. Where an urgent one is required, a denture can generally be made within 2 days.