Complete Dentures -
Complete dentures is a denture to replace all missing teeth.
We use high quality acrylic materials, which will provide longer lasting dentures. The custom made denture will provide an excellent long lasting fit and a natural appearance.


Partial Dentures -
Partial denture is a prosthetic appliance to replace one or more missing natural teeth. We construct acrylic partial denture, metal base denture, and flexible (invisible) denture. The dentures are all made to fit your requirements after a thorough professional assessment.



Acrylic Dentures-
These are made using acrylic materials. A removable partial denture is entirely supported by a tissue bone with stainless steel materials to support the denture together with the surrounding natural teeth.


Metal dentures -
These are manufactured using chrome cobalt as a denture base These are usually entirely supported by the remaining natural teeth. Natural teeth which are used to retain and support a partial denture are called abutment teeth .



Flexible dentures -

Flexible dentures are manufactured using flexible materials. A tissue borne removable partial denture is entirely supported by tissue and manufactured without clasps (Hooks).


Immediate Dentures -
When some or all teeth require extraction, immediate dentures are made to prevent embarrassment of being
without teeth. An impression is made of your existing teeth and gum prior to extraction. Dental Prosthetic is able to copy and construction a denture during your extraction appointment.

We can provide same day repairs on most dentures, and tooth addition to an existing denture.

Once teeth are extracted, gums can continue to change in size and shape (on average one third of a millimeter in jawbone is lost each year once teeth have been extracted)*. No matter how well a denture is fitted these changes often lead to a number of common complaints such as:
--Food particles are easily caught under the denture,
--Denture rubs and causes sore spots in the mouth when eating.
--Denture feeling unstable when talking (which can lead to discomfort in social situations).

A mouthguard can protect your teeth from being damaged and is essential for many sporting participants.

We provide professionally fitted mouthguards appropriate for various sporting activities. They can also be customized with a wide range of colours for your selection, including various logos and name.

Professional fitted mouthguard does not brocks your breathing.